Alexa's privacy management

Echo devices do not make any audio recordings.
Those who run the facility have access to a great deal of analysis data, reporting, for example, the amount of requests made and the type. However, these data are in no way linkable to the guest’s name via the Control Panel provided by Navoo, only to the room number from which they came.

Word of invocation

Devices that enable interaction with Alexa are always listening for the invocation word “Alexa.”
A microphone located inside the Echo enables it to recognize that word when it is spoken. Only then are microphones turned on that capture the audio signal of what the person is saying, and send it via the Internet to external systems that will process the request.

To make Echo devices not activate, a dedicated button can be pressed. The device will glow red to indicate that it is not listening.


All NAVOO instruments do not store data

Some data may be sent automatically from the Control Panel to external software, such as management software or PMS. In that case, however, the association between the data collected by Alexa (e.g., “I want wine in the room”) and the guest’s name is made by software already used by the facility, with its own privacy management that the guest accepts when he or she decides to stay at the facility.

All tools provided by NAVOO (such as the Control Panel that allows you to manage requests received from guests) cannot be used as systems that store and from which sensitive data traceable to guests can be extracted.

In the User’s Manual placed next to each Echo device, there is guidance on how guest privacy is managed and respected to ensure maximum transparency.

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