Smart Properties For Senior Living:

concrete help for guests and staff!

Senior Living

Dedicated to facilities housing elderly people

Alexa Smart Properties for Senior Living is the version of the Alexa Smart Properties project dedicated to facilities that house elderly or partially self-sufficient people, such as rest homes, nursing homes, or assisted living facilities.

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Alexa becomes a valuable support

With Echo devices installed in bedrooms and common areas, Alexa will become a valuable support for guests to experience their stay in the facility more easily, with extra services and a more immediate way to communicate.

“We believe that the intuitive and accessible nature of voice and Alexa can both help and entertain customers in many contexts, both inside and outside the home.

We are excited to extend the experiences already enjoyed by our customers to nursing homes for the elderly and offer these facilities new ways to support their staff by providing individualized care to residents.”

Meryem Tom, Director Alexa Enterprise EU, Amazon

What can guests ask Alexa for?


Structure-related information

weather and news

Management of one’s stay

Structure-related information
Entertainment, weather and news
Management of one's stay in the facility

The questions guests can ask are endless, and Alexa will always know how to give a consistent and easy-to-understand answer, thanks to the pre-set phrases prepared by the staff. If the question has not been anticipated, Alexa will put the guest in touch with the staff and still give the necessary help.


The Benefits of Alexa Smart Properties for Senior Living.

With the Alexa Smart Properties for Senior Living system, Alexa becomes an important tool for entities dedicated to caring for the elderly or people with disabilities.

Some of the many benefits Alexa would bring to the facility are:


Support staff by anticipating often very repetitive questions

Real-time interaction with the host, even in difficulty

Alleviate the work of the social worker and medical staff


Alexa allows video calls to guests' relatives

This feature, specifically designed for Alexa Smart Properties for Senior Living, can become a real revolution in nursing homes.


Do you run a nursing home or long-term care facility?