A technology many advantages


Incorporating Alexa Smart Properties into your facility means gaining many benefits simultaneously, from a business and organizational perspective. Alexa Smart Properties’ many customizable and augmentable features can change the way staff work and improve guest offerings and service.


What are the benefits of having Alexa in your facility?


Reduce repetitive demands


Elevating the level of service


Increase upselling


Increasing perceived value


Reduce repetitive demands

The front desk works better and the guest has all the answers

A hotel’s front desk is always available to guests to provide information and answer all kinds of questions, either face-to-face or by call from the rooms. Every request or phone call, even the most trivial, interrupts the work of the staff, who may have been at that moment registering a reservation, scheduling the day’s activities, or welcoming newly arrived guests. In addition, requests are often repetitive, and information can be retrieved from other sources (such as signs in the room or hallways).

Alexa is the solution: because it can support the work of the front desk, responding without limit and at any time to questions posed by guests, directly in their rooms. The most frequent or likely questions will have been “taught” to Alexa by staff (and entered from the Control Panel), and the voice assistant will in effect become a virtual concierge.

The staff at the front desk will thus be able to devote themselves continuously to activities of greater value to the guest and the facility.

In addition, the number of guest requests that Alexa will respond to will be counted, and in the Analytics section of the Control Panel they will be summarized and filterable (by type and by period). This will allow you to accurately track all the time “saved” by the front desk staff and also calculate the monetary value of that savings.

Even in a nursing home or rest home, staff are often overwhelmed with repetitive questions that cause them to lose focus on more important activities.

Alexa will be able to answer all guests’ questions clearly and easily, at all hours of the day, directly from their room and without having to bother operations or medical staff.


Increase the level of service to guests

The convenience of handling requests directly from the room

What can Alexa do for guests?
By talking and interacting with Echoes, guests in an accommodation facility can:

– Obtain information about the facility and the services it offers
– Discover the area’s attractions, places to visit, and services
– manage the room home automation
– Entertaining themselves, listening to music or playing games
– request staffassistance
Purchase additional products and services.

All using only your voice and in the privacy of your own room.
All answers are provided directly by Alexa, without having to wait for any intervention from the front desk.
A convenient, practical and easy to use for any guest!

In a small and unmanned all-day B&B, Alexa can become really useful: it can answer all guests’ questions, at any time of the day or night (e.g., “Alexa, how does the dishwasher work?”).

Nursing home residents will also benefit from new and enjoyable opportunities:
– listen to music
– getting the news repeated
– obtain information
Video calling their family members, even in complete autonomy.

The possibilities for offer guests a richer service and immediate service are many and can be tailored to the facility and the type of guest!


Increase upselling

Sell services and products, without being intrusive

A spa or gym membership, a massage or treatment, guided walking or bicycle tours of the city, breakfast in your room, a bottle of fine wine for a special occasion. These are just a few examples of the endless upselling possibilities in which Alexa can make a difference.

Sometimes guests do not purchase extra products and services because they would have to ask the front desk for information (and may not have the time or inclination), because they are not aware that product or service exists, or because they are afraid it will cost too much. Alexa can answer all questions, even while they are dressing in the room, taking away the awkwardness of talking to another person at the front desk, perhaps in the presence of other guests.

How does upselling through Alexa work?

Services, products and offers can be proposed with images and text, which can be rotated on the Echo Show screen directly in the guest’s room, even customizing them in each individual room. For example, one can propose a defatiguing massage to a very athletic guest, or breakfast in the room to a young couple who has already purchased the welcome drink (thus avoiding proposing an already purchased product).

Alexa will know the details of all products and services offered and can provide guests with information and costs of offers.

The voice assistant will also be able to proceed with the reservation or purchase, if connected to the reservation calendars and software, or it can alert the staff in the service area (e.g., the SPA contact person) so that they can contact the interested guest and confirm the reservation.
By linking the Alexa Control Panel to the PMS, each request (such as breakfast in the room) can be automatically assigned to the room so that it can be paid for at check-out in convenience.


Increasing perceived value

Innovation and service for a satisfied customer

The use of Alexa and the installation of Echo devices in rooms or common areas are a strong signal for the image of a hotel or health care facility because they introduce a highly innovative technological component that will change guests’ experience and their perception.

Those who already use Alexa at home or at work, and are familiar with its dynamics, may feel comfortable finding it in a hospitality facility as well. Those, however, who have never used Alexa will be able to try its technology and be fascinated by the possibilities it offers.

Just as the presence of Wi-Fi or TV on demand are considered essential services today, it is likely that soon the presence of Alexa will also be highlighted on the sites of accommodations or OTAs (online travel agencies, such as, Expedia, Skyscanner), and that guests will seek out and value the presence of a voice assistant as useful, perhaps indispensable.

The first hotel establishments to enter the world of Alexa will introduce an interesting novelty that can attract guests and convince them to positively review the hotel, as well as be used for communication and branding actions with the press or in their own channels (social and otherwise). The same perception of novelty and benefit may be enthusiastically valued by nursing home residents and their families, who will consider such a service an important plus.

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