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The provision of the NAVOO-created system needed to implement, customize, and use Alexa Smart Properties incurs a monthly license fee. The license is provided for each Echo device associated with the facility. The cost of the license does not vary based on the amount of voice interactions and requests made by guests to Alexa.

The license is counted for only the months the facility is open.

All costs for the services that host the Control Panel and make Alexa Smart Properties usable (provided with AWS – Amazon Web Services) are included in the monthly license fee, with no usage limit. License renewal is monthly and automatic, while billing can be handled quarterly, by semester, or yearly.

Other services

Different services, recommended for the success of the project, such as the installation of the devices, the creation of content, integration with management systems and PMS. These services will be quantified, depending on the size of the intervention and need, and may also be provided free of charge based on the number of licenses activated.


Purchasing Echo devices

The cost of purchasing Echo speakers is borne by the customer, and the list price is set by the manufacturer Amazon, is public, and can always be found at amazon.co.uk. Echo devices can be purchased directly from the facility, however we recommend that they be provided by NAVOO.
we have briefly explained the technical reasons. The cost proposed by NAVOO, may in some cases be lower than the list price viewable on amazon.co.uk, and vary depending on the timing of purchase, supply, and quantity of devices ordered.

Are you intrigued by the Alexa Smart Properties system and NAVOO technology?
Are you intrigued by the Alexa Smart Properties system and NAVOO technology?