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Cookies - what are they and what is their function

A “cookie” is a file created on the user’s computer as soon as he or she accesses a particular site. Cookies are used to make the site work well, and detect data to send to third parties.

Technical cookies are used to make the site work, for example: to keep a login to a site or restricted area active or to provide the correct language chosen by the user. Other technical cookies, however, send data to other services so that the site administrator can understand how the site is being used. Since, in any case, the data they collect are totally anonymized, they do not require authorization from the user.
Profiling cookies, on the other hand, storeactivities performed by the user, and are often used to trigger subsequent marketingactivities. In this case the permission of the user who is browsing the site is required.
Cookies defined as “first-party” are those created and downloaded to your computer directly by the site operator; “third-party” cookies are provided by other systems, for example by Google, through the site you are browsing.

Cookies used by this site and the ability to disable them

The website,owned by Navoo srl with registered office in via Immacolata 1/5, 35013 Cittadella (PD),as the Data Controller, uses only technical cookies in order to ensure and facilitate the navigation and enjoyment of the website.
In the absence of such cookies, the site may not function properly in some cases.
In contrast, no profiling cookies are used in any way.

While browsing the site, the visitor receives third-party cookies, which, being anonymized, do not require any consent.
Specifically, our site uses Google Analytics cookies that allow us to collect data in an aggregated and anonymous form,so we can analyze how the site is used by users.

The data generated is stored by Googleas outlined in the policy found here:
To see the privacy policy of Google Inc. the autonomous data controller of the Google Analytics service, you can visit this page:

If you wish to opt out of Google Analytics cookies, you can download and install browser add-ons. To find out how it works and how to use the component made available by Google, click here:

How to set cookie usage preferences via browser

The site visitorcan authorize, block or delete cookies through specific functions of their browser or through additional components.
To find out how to set your preferences on the use of cookies through your browser, click on the links below:

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