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Provision of devices

In order to implement the Alexa Smart Properties system in the tourism or care facility, it is necessary to be equipped with the Echo speakers produced by Amazon, which enable voice interaction between people and Alexa.

At the stage of analysis and evaluation the most appropriate number of devices and the type (with or without screen) will be decided, based on the needs, the functionality to be activated and the overall design.

NAVOO is a Qualified Solution Provider company that has the ability to purchase Echo devices from Amazon even in large quantities. Anyone else can purchase from amazon.co.uk only small quantities of devices per order. Echo speakers, in order to be used with Alexa Smart Properties require a special configuration. If purchased from NAVOO on behalf of the customer, this configuration step is facilitated, as the devices are recognized right away as Echo for Alexa Smart Properties. In any case, the facility can purchase Echo devices on its own (from any vendor).


Device installation

Installing an Echo device is simple. Simply place it on a table or shelf, connect it to the electricity with the cable given in the package, and connect it to the Wi-Fi network. Then follow some activities to properly associate the device with NAVOO’s Alexa Smart Properties account, and then with the client’s facility, so that it can only be used within a specific building.

Especially within accommodations (such as hotels, resorts, and B&Bs) there may be little time available to access rooms during the day, and in some cases it is preferable to wait until the end of the guests’ stay. Simultaneous installation of several dozen or hundreds of devices, may therefore need a proven NAVOO wizard.
In any case, the facility staff can be autonomous in configuring and installing Echo devices.


NAVOO takes care of everything!

NAVOO takes care of everything!

We plan together with the management the ideal time to carry out the installation phase and follow all the necessary steps to implement the service. In the shortest possible time, depending on the number of devices to be activated, we carry out the entire installation, also being able to deal with specific critical issues that may arise in the final phase of configuration and testing.