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Structure information

Alexa Smart Properties for Senior Living is a very useful tool for rest homes, nursing homes, or retirement homes, because it allows them to give information to residents, easing the burden of (often repetitive or irrelevant) questions to care or medical staff.

“Alexa, what time is the mass today?”

“Alexa, what time are we eating tonight?”

“Alexa, what day is today?”

The guest will have his or her answer and can ask for the same information even several times if he or she thinks he or she does not remember it, and can do so simply by using his or her voice.

Activity information

In addition to giving the requested information, using announcements or notifications it is possible to provide useful communications about activities without even waiting for the guest’s question. With screens running on the Echo Shows, it will be possible to suggest that residents ask Alexa about a particular initiative, or list activities planned for that day or the following days. In the handbook placed next to each Echo will be the sample sentence that the guest can use to learn about the planned activities.

Guest: “Alexa, what are the activities planned for today?”

Alexa: “Two activities are planned for today. In the morning, there will be muscle awakening in the gym, from 9:00 am. In the afternoon, there will be art workshop in Yellow Common Room on the second floor, at 3:30 p.m.”

Alexa can also give announcements automatically, without waiting for the guest’s request. For example at 9 a.m., Alexa might say, “Good morning, today there will be a piano concert in the Great Hall at 4:30 p.m.!”

In the case of single rooms, it is possible to provide personalized answers about the activities that the person will have to do during the day, and in the Control Panel it will also be possible to create the schedule of scheduled medical examinations for the individual guest.

Alexa: “Good morning Maria, I remind you that today you have your appointment with the hairdresser at 5 p.m.”

Guest: “Alexa, what medical appointments do I have this week?”
Alexa: “Good morning, you have a follow-up visit with the cardiologist on Wednesday at 2:30 pm. I will send you a reminder the same day.”



Requests from guests

Residents of the rest homes (or nursing home or care home) will be able to make a number of requests directly from their room, without necessarily contacting the care staff or secretary. For example, they might ask, using only voice:

“Alexa, tell me a story.”
“Alexa, what’s for lunch today?”
“Alexa, I need the nurse.”

Depending on the type of request, it will be possible to assess the urgency of the intervention and devote to the various guests in the best possible way. The request will be indicated in the Control Panel and also notified by e-mail, SMS or Whatsapp to the dedicated staff currently on duty. All requests made by guests will always have a voice response provided by Alexa, which will reassure the guest by letting them know that they have heard the request.

The information it gives Alexa is customizable and configurable through the Control Panel. If a question does not have a predefined answer, Alexa will suggest that the guest call an operator or contact floor staff.

Alexa can also receive reports on failures and malfunctions. The request comes to the Control Panel, and simultaneously to the person in charge of maintenance (via an e-mail or a message on the smartphone).

“Alexa the window won’t open.”
“Alexa, the TV doesn’t work.”
“Alexa, no hot water is coming out.”

Activity and meal reservations

In nursing homes, or assisted living facilities, the meal menu is usually established in advance and often governed by medical directions; the list of dishes might also be customized for each guest. Thanks to Alexa, it will be possible to enter the different menus through the Control Panel and associate them with guest rooms. In this way, each guest will be able to ask Alexa.

Alexa, what’s for lunch today?”
“Alexa, what’s for dinner tonight?

“Alexa, what’s for lunch tomorrow?”

and get the details of its menus.


In establishments that provide the ability to customize their meals with a choice between different dishes for the same course (example: two main courses to choose from) Alexa allows them to collect reservations and preferences, making booking simple using only voice.

Alexa is also a magical helper when it comes to organizing activities in the facility. In fact, guests, after receiving all the necessary information about a particular proposed activity, will be able to book their place directly, if necessary, through Alexa.

For example:

Guest: “Alexa, when is the hairdresser coming?”

Alexa: “Our hairdresser Giada will be here on Tuesday afternoons. Would you like to book an appointment?”

Guest: “Yes.”

Alexa: “There is an open seat at 4 p.m., shall I confirm the appointment?”

Guest: “Yes.”

Alexa will also take care of reminding the user of the appointment (with a voice message or notification) the day before or the day of the appointment.


video calls

The Alexa Smart Properties for Senior Living system that can be activated in residences for the elderly, retirement or nursing homes, allows Echo devices to be used to communicate outwardly as well, with video calling functionality.

In the case where the Echo device is installed in a single room, the person residing in the room will be able to make calls without having to speak the first and last name of the person to be contacted.

“Alexa, call my daughter.”

“Alexa, call my grandson.”

“Alexa, call my sister.”

In case the room is hosting more than one person, calls and video calls can be made only by speaking the first and last name of the recipient, which has already been entered in the address book of that room through the Control Panel.

NAVOO will be responsible for providing the nursing home with all the instructions to be given to relatives, including directions on what is required to receive calls and video calls.

Navoo technology also allows the call function to be managed centrally by putting all contacts in the Control Panel and allocating a common room for video calls. In this way, guests can be escorted to the “phone room” and call their contacts, according to the staff’s schedule and directions, enjoying the convenience of having quality audio and video and being able to call people simply by saying:

“Alexa, call Gino Rossi.”

Calls can only be made between devices using Alexa. No phone numbers can be called, either landlines or cell phones.

The recipient of the call, then, must have his or her own Alexa account so that he or she can respond via an Echo device or with a smartphone, thanks to the Alexa app. It is very simple and cost-free.

You can make outgoing calls and video calls only. In this way, peace of mind and internal processes in the facility are not disturbed by unscheduled incoming calls.



Music and News

Alexa Smart Properties for Senior Living is an important tool for the daily routine of a nursing home resident, because it allows them to entertain themselves and spend quality time in both private rooms and common areas. Echo devices can serve as speakers to play music of different genres and podcasts, which intrigue and diversify the way guests enjoy cultural or in-depth content.


“Alexa, put on some 60s Italian music.”

“Alexa, tell me about the history of Italy.”


Alexa can also be used to listen to the news of the day, and be supportive of entertainment activities.

“Alexa, tell me the news.”
“Alexa, what will the weather be tomorrow?”


Alexa Smart Properties for Senior Living also provides access to many games and quizzes, thanks to skills (apps) developed by companies outside of Amazon. Only those skills authorized by the facility will be active.

The guest can then interact and play with the voice assistant, alone or in a group.

“Alexa, open Question of the Day.”

“Alexa, I want to play with World Capitals.”

Did you know that Alexa can become a friendly voice and a valuable support for your guests?

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