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Alexa Smart Properties for Senior Living and NAVOO technology, are valuable tools for organizing the tasks and management of nursing homes, and residences for the elderly or dependent persons.

The many features can facilitate the work of departments, from reception to the kitchen, from maintenance to medical staff.

How is Alexa used in rest home?


Ads are alerts that, when they reach the Echo device, are read by Alexa and cannot be played later. The text of the warning will also appear in the screen (in the case of Echo Shows).


Notifications are delivered to the Echo, which plays a sound the moment it receives them. In the case of an Echo Show, a bell icon will be visible with the number of pending notifications. Echo and Echo Dot devices, on the other hand, having no screen, make the glowing ring at their base pulsate yellow to attract the guest’s attention. The guest will have to ask “Alexa, what are my notifications?” in order to hear them.


The screense fixed screens on the Echo Show device screen can communicate a specific message to the guest, such as. “The physical therapist will arrive at our facility this afternoon. Remember your 4 p.m. appointment”, and the message will remain visible until the guest touches the screen.


The rolling screens, publishable on screen-mounted devices (Echo Show), can be useful to tell guests about the opportunities offered by the facility and remind them frequently. For example, you will be able to post messages listing scheduled activities

“Good morning, the art room is open every Wednesday afternoon and Friday morning. We are waiting for you!”

“Come for muscle awakening: every morning in the activity area on your floor at 8 a.m.”

Or remind and make clearly visible at all times ways to use the services or the hours of the facility

“Holy Mass will be celebrated every Saturday afternoon at 3 p.m. by Fr. Luigi.”

“Breakfast is served in the dining room from 7 to 8:30 a.m.”


Echo speakers, which enable interaction with Alexa are usable simply through the single item. Guests will not have to learn how to use a new electronic device, e staff members can send immediate messages to the central system, such as:

“Alexa, room number 3 needs clean linen.”

Reception and Secretariat

The facility’s front desk and secretarial staff will be able to use the Alexa Smart Properties system to more conveniently monitor requests and needs of the various rooms and staff, always having the data provided by the Control Panel at hand.

In addition, through announcements, notifications, and screenshots you will be able to communicate directly and proactively with guests, reducing the amount of questions to be answered and saving time. In fact, guests will be able to ask Alexa for information about the facility’s hours and details of operation without frequently asking the staff.

“Alexa, call a colleague from floor 3.”

“Alexa, call the kitchen.”

Through Alexa, guests will also be able to request certain activities (such as a haircut service or other). All requests will be handled easily by the secretary through the Control Panel, which will also allow for announcements and reminder screens for the guest when the activity takes place.

Medical appointments can also be stored in the Control Panel, and then the guest can be notified and reminded in a timely manner.

Using the Control Panel it is possible to indicate the birthday dates of individual guests. One can then ask “Alexa, who has a birthday today?”prepare personalized announcements for those celebrating and notify the rest of the staff of a guest’s birthday.

Maintenance staff

Thanks to timely messages about necessary interventions in rooms and common areas, maintainers, will always be ready to act in the quickest way. In addition, the maintenance staff will be able to use Alexa to notify the secretary immediately that the problem has been addressed and resolved, or make further requests, even while working

“Alexa, the bed is working properly.”
“Alexa, call the floor health worker.”

Personnel Management

Analyzing system utilization data and requests coming in from individual rooms will enable staff managers to monitor the smooth operation of the facility, noting any deficiencies or critical situations in different areas and intervening with appropriate choices.

It will also be possible to manage schedules and organization flows in a more functional way, thanks to immediate communication between rooms, departments, and various staff teams.

Dedicated cleaning staff

Staff who are dedicated to tidying up and cleaning rooms and common areas can use the Alexa Smart Properties system with various features.

  • Staff can simply communicate by voice that room restoration work has begun “Alexa, I’ll start cleaning the room,” and when the task is finished “Alexa, the room is ready.” It can also request materials or support in case emergencies arise, even after hours.
  • Those in charge of tidying up and cleaning can communicate specific needs to the rest of the staff or the secretary, for example:
    Alexa, alert maintenance that the bed is blocked.”
    “Alexa alerts voicemail that room lacks walker”
    In this way, all departments are involved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Cafeteria service

In nursing care facilities for the elderly and persons with disabilities, the provision of meals can be managed with predetermined menus or through menus to be composed with the guest’s choices. Thanks to Alexa, it is possible to suggest the menu for subsequent meals via the devices in the rooms, so that guests can choose independently (or with the help of an operator but still through simple voice commands), for example:


Alexa: “For today’s lunch, the kitchen proposes pasta with meat sauce or pasta in white sauce. Which do you prefer?”

The Control Panel will do the summarizing and counting of the dishes to be prepared, aggregating the data and providing it to the kitchen.

Information for meal preparation can then be obtained from an Echo device dedicated to cafeteria service.

“Alexa, how many ragu pastas should I make?”

“Alexa, how many plain pastries should I make?”

“Alexa, how many guests have asked for fish?”

Using the Control Panel it is also possible to combine various features. For example, by creating an automated announcement whereby Alexa announces the planned menu for the next meal at the same time each day and, if provided by the facility, asks the guest to choose from the proposed dishes.

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