The new world of voice assistance

The Alexa Smart Properties project is innovative and will be part of the future of communication in hotel and tourist facilities, and residences for the elderly and dependent. It is a smart way to use the functionality of a voice assistant in dedicated hospitality and business environments. If you are not familiar with Alexa, which so many people around the world now use in their homes, we invite you to learn more here.

In classic use of Alexa in one’s home, Amazon’s voice assistant is tied to a personal account, created on Amazon’s website or through the smartphone app. Alexa knows what personal devices are associated with that account and likewise knows phone number, address, activated skills, and various other personal information. Each person then has his or her own Alexa account.

Alexa Smart Properties, on the other hand, is designed for use in hospitality and care facilities, does not link to any personal account, but is managed by the facility itself, which can take advantage of the many possibilities provided by the system to better accommodate its guests and communicate in new and functional ways. Alexa Smart Properties does not collect or store any personal information about guests.


Why choose Alexa Smart Properties for your facility?

Putting Alexa in one’s hotel or nursing home rooms means providing new opportunities for both the guest and the facility. Alexa will be able to be used inside the room to manage home automation, play games, put on music, set an alarm clock, and can provide many other functions.

Thanks to Alexa Smart Properties you will be able to:

Improve the accommodation service of your hotel, resort, B&B and spa

Providing guests with new services, such as a personalized welcome with images, text or announcements, the ability to suggest a massage or restaurant dinner reservation.

Helping staff manage the facility with direct, personalized responses to guests, or communications between the various people involved in cleaning, maintenance, or welcoming guests.

Improve facility management for personal care and guest stay

Providing services to guests to make their stay more enjoyable, such as with specific announcements about planned activities, the ability to make video calls to their relatives, and more.

Helping staff manage the facility with anticipation of frequent guest questions, communication between departments, and simplified management of guest contact with the outside world.


See how Alexa Smart Properties for Hospitality improves the customer experience!

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See how Alexa Smart Properties for Hospitality improves the customer experience!

Alexa Smart Properties technology can be used in hospitality facilities, such as hotels, resorts, and b&b’s, and in dedicated personal care facilities, such as nursing homes for the elderly, and long-term care facilities.

What does the Alexa Smart Properties system consist of?


From Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant, with which you converse using your voice


From Echo devices, that is, speakers that enable interaction between person and Alexa


From the technology and control panel created by Navoo

To use it, therefore, in addition to equipping oneself with Echo devices (the speakers to be placed in rooms, and which here you can find out in detail), you need to rely on a Qualified Solution Provider providing the control panel and useful technology to manage devices and content played by Alexa, such as NAVOO technology for Alexa.

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