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Having the Alexa Smart Properties system in your facility is as simple as that. Just contact us and we will take care of everything!
From the initial analysis to understand your needs to the provision of the Echo devices, from their programming to the activation of the Control Panel, NAVOO will follow the whole project, up to the installation of all the devices in the rooms of your facility (if required, as it is very easy to install and activate them).

NAVOO technology is based on a platform that does not require any software installation. Therefore you can manage the entire system directly from your computers, tablets or smartphones, wherever you are.
We can also take care of creation of the content (images and text) to be uploaded to the system, so that Alexa always has the right answer for the user.


NAVOO technology and the Alexa Smart Properties system can be integration with PMS, so that all guest requests can be transferred to the hotel management systems already in use, recorded and processed with greater immediacy by staff. In addition, integration between the Control Panel and the management system allows information to be transmitted in both directions. For example, the PMS can notify the system that the room has been checked out, and the Control Panel will reset all the Echos in that room to their basic settings (volume, brightness, alarm clock reset, bluetooth associations….)

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