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What can hotel guests do thanks to Alexa?



Room guests can use Alexa to entertain themselves: listening to music, news and playing games.



Through Control Panel settings and through Echo devices in the rooms, it is possible to actively communicate with guests, providing much useful information.



Thanks to Alexa, the hotel front desk will be able to receive fewer phone calls and direct requests. Guests will be able to make requests by interacting directly with Alexa.




“Alexa, play relaxing music.”

“Alexa, put on some rock music.”


The Echo device becomes a speaker for listening to music!
Also by pairing your smartphone via Bluetooth you can play music or podcasts through the Echo device. Upon check-out, the Echo device is automatically reset, eliminating all Bluetooth associations.

Those managing the facility will also be able to set the maximum volume a speaker can reach, including defining the start and end time of that limitation.


Guests can play with Alexa, thanks to “skills” (Alexa applications) developed by third party companies or by Amazon. Only those skills authorized by the facility will be active.

“Alexa, open Question of the Day”
“Alexa, start Just Words”
“Alexa, let’s play Song Quiz”



You will be able to set messages, personalized notifications, and fixed screens, which would invite the guest to find out more about a particular topic, or provide Alexa with all the basic information, to answer the user’s questions. The user manual placed next to each Echo will suggest some phrases that the guest can use to interact with Alexa.

Hotel information

Alexa will be able to provide guests with useful information to make the most of their stay simply by answering all their questions. For example:

“Alexa, what are the breakfast times?”
“Alexa, what time does the wellness center open?”

Guest: “Alexa, what is the restaurant menu?”
Alexa: “Two different menus are planned, one for lunch and one for dinner. Today’s lunch menu includes among the first courses…”

Activity information

Thanks to Alexa, guests will be able to find out and receive information about activities organized by the accommodation facility.

For example, with an announcement you can have Alexa say, at 8:45 a.m.

Alexa: “Good morning, I remind you that the meeting you need to attend will start at 9:15 a.m. in the Auditorium room on the second floor.”

In the case of notifications, on the other hand, it is the guest who will have to ask the device for them:
Guest: “Alexa, what are my notifications?”

Alexa: “Hi, I confirm that the reservation for tomorrow’s boat excursion is confirmed. The meeting with the guide will be at 9 a.m. at the hotel garden.”


Or you can send a message through the screens that rotate automatically on screen devices, “Today is Monday and a boat excursion is scheduled. Contact the front desk to reserve your spot.”

Information about the location of the hotel

Alexa can help the guest by providing answers and advice on attractions, places to visit and services, not directly related to the facility.

For example, the guest may ask:

“Alexa, suggest me a pizzeria.”
“Alexa, suggest a typical restaurant.”
“Alexa, what is the best way to walk to the Colosseum?”
“Alexa, which subway line should I take to go to the Colosseum?”
“Alexa, what do I need to do to book a cab?”

Information about the location of the hotel

The questions-answers that can be expected are endless and completely customizable by the hotel staff. Entering all the information in the Control Panel is super easy, if you want we can also take care of creating this content with our dedicated service.

In this way
Alexa will become a digital concierge for the guest, providing valuable advice on how to best enjoy the guest experience and relieving the front desk of having to give answers to repetitive questions.


Requests from guests

In case guests needs an item, such as a clean towel, they can utter the phrase “Alexa, I need a towel.”

The request will appear in the Control Panel and can be automatically forwarded by SMS or e-mail to one or more people who are in charge of providing answers to guests’ needs at that time. The types of requests that can be collected by Alexa are configurable and customizable; those that do not involve a response will return a suggestion for the guest to contact the front desk.

“Alexa, I would like a clean towel.”
“Alexa, can I have a dry carpet?”
“Alexa, I need a softer pillow.”
“Alexa, I request a change of sheets.”

The same process can be used to receive reports on faults and malfunctions. Again, the request comes to the Control Panel, and simultaneously to the person in charge of maintenance (via other channels, such as with a message on the smartphone).

“Alexa the window won’t open”
“Alexa, TV doesn’t work”
“Alexa, there’s no hot water from the shower.”

Welcoming the guest

From the Control Panel it is possible to send customized welcome messages, using announcements, notifications, fixed screens or rotating screens.

When the guests enter the room, they will see a screen-fixed message greeting them by name, or they will receive a welcome message, which also explains what the hotel’s services are, how they can use Alexa, and other information.

Guest: “Alexa, I have arrived.”

Alexa: “Hello Jannik, and welcome to this hotel! All the staff and I are at your disposal so that you can prepare at your best. The gym has been reserved for you all day tomorrow. We wish you a great tournament!”

Activity Reservation

Guests will be able to ask Alexa what activities are planned or organized by the facility, or find out about them through notifications or rolling screens on Echo Show devices, and request reservations directly through Alexa.

If the Control Panel is connected to other software the ability to make a reservation may be made automatically. Otherwise, the activity management staff can view the request in the Control Panel and will receive a notification (SMS, e-mail, or through other channels) reporting the guest’s request.

The guest should not and cannot give personal data at the time of the request, because Alexa, in order to respect privacy, does not ask for or store any personal data.

The request will then come from the room, and it will then be the accommodation staff, or other software connected to the Control Panel, that will retrieve the guest’s name.

Guest: “Alexa, what are today’s activities?
Alexa: “A Pilates teacher is scheduled to be in our gym today, from 3 to 7 p.m. The class is one hour long and the cost is €30. Would you like to book your class?”
Guest: “Yes.”
Alexa: “Okay, the front desk will contact you to arrange your preferred time, thank you!”


Restaurant reservations and services

Guest: “Alexa, I would like to make a restaurant reservation for tonight.”
Alexa: “Okay, how many of you are there?”
Guest: “Four.”
Alexa: “Okay, I have sent your request to the restaurant staff. You will receive a phone call to confirm the availability of a table.”


Guests will be able to ask Alexa for various information, such as the menu, restaurant or bar hours, how access to the gym or SPA works.

With the functionality of the Control Panel, guests will be able to request to reserve a place (a table in the restaurant, access to the SPA, etc.). If the system will be connected to management software, Alexa will be able to manage the reservation independently. Otherwise, the request will be delivered to the staff delegated to handle reservations, and Alexa will indicate to the guest that they will be contacted again for confirmation.

Guest: “Alexa, I would like to book SPA access .”

Alexa: “Only one seat is available for today, in the 3-6 pm time slot. Would you like to make a reservation?”

Guest: “Yes.”

Alexa: “Okay, reservation made.”

Ordering room service

Alexa can also be a valuable tool for selling additional products and services to guests directly from their room, without adding work to the front desk or staff. Through rotating screens in Echo Show devices, guests will be able to know what they can buy, simply by asking Alexa.

Guest: “Alexa, I would like to have breakfast in the room.”
Alexa: “Okay, I have sent your request to the staff.”

Guest: “Alexa, I would like some wine in the room.
“Okay, I can have a bottle of Italian white wine delivered to your room, with two glasses. The cost is €25, is that okay?
“Perfect, I have sent your request to our barman. The cost will be charged when you check out.”

Sales of services or products made through Alexa will be stored in the Control Panel and summarized in charts and tables. It will then be possible to see what number of orders and receipts have been generated thanks to Alexa without the intervention of the accommodation staff.

Phone calls

The Echo device can be used to make calls: either from the rooms to the front desk (or other areas of the facility such as the restaurant or spa), or from the front desk to the rooms.

“Alexa, call the front desk.”
“Alexa, call the bar”
“Alexa, call room 202”


Only staff can make a call to a room. It is not possible to make calls between rooms.

In an accommodation facility (hotel, resort, B&B) the Echo Show camera is always off by default and can never be used. Therefore, it is not possible to make video calls but only audio calls.

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