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Initial analysis:

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To activate the system Alexa Smart Properties and best structure customizable features with NAVOO technology, we always start with a thorough analysis of customers’ needs and desires.


What are the steps in the initial analysis?


Analysis of potential

Together with the management and staff we analyze the structure, whether for the hospitality sector (hotels, resorts or B&Bs) or for care (nursing homes or care for dependent persons), we note the internal processes of operation, and understand together the offer aimed at guests and its commercial potential.
We discuss with the client the expectations he or she places on Alexa Smart Properties, and assess any concrete benefits that adopting a virtual corcierge might bring.


Feature exploration

There are many features that can be enabled with Alexa; it is necessary to bring them out and evaluate them according to the size and requirements of the facility. From the family-run B&B with a few rooms, to the hotel chain with hundreds of rooms scattered across the country, different realities can find the right dimension in using Alexa Smart Properties, a flexible and customizable system.


Technical verification

We verify that Echo devices can be installed in the facility, noting any critical technological or infrastructural issues, such as Wi-Fi signal instability in some rooms.

We also consider the possibility of integrating our Control Panel with the management software or PMS .


Contract proposal

At the end of the analysis phase, developed four-handedly with the property’s ownership and management, we formalize a bid that describes in detail the project for the installation of the Alexa Smart Properties system, which features we recommend to activate to give new services to guests and staff, and which are the costs for the use of NAVOO technology and for the provision of the Echo devices.

Want to figure out if Alexa Smart Properties might be a good fit for your facility?
Want to figure out if Alexa Smart Properties might be a good fit for your facility?