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From the analysis to the creation of content:

make Alexa speak in your tone of voice


The creation of graphic and textual content

With the technology and Control Panel provided by NAVOO, it is possible to independently create text and images to answer all guest questions via Alexa, but to have an optimal result and relieve oneself of that burden, NAVOO offers a support service.

Our content creation service employs a team of communication professionals (strategists and copywriters) who will help you:

  • identify which themes or types of information may be most useful to the guest
  • study what advice to provide to the guest to make the most of their stay (places of interest, transportation, experiences, restaurants, …)
  • create the text and images, with language that is easy to understand, but that are well designed for correct reading by Alexa and that respect the tone of voice of the facility
  • translate (with the support of professional translators) the texts.

The importance of good communication

Alexa is a voice assistant, so it is critical that the texts loaded into the system are designed to be close to the guest (i.e., understandable, clear and comprehensive) and written following basic rules useful for correct pronunciation by Alexa. It is important to make content that in a few simple sentences offers all the information required to the guest interacting with Alexa. Also adapting the communicative style of Alexa, consisting of text and images, to the tone of voice and image of the facility, is an excellent vehicle for conveying the company’s values to the guest and giving them an immersive and coordinated experience.


Team formation!

The Alexa Smart Properties system allows facility staff to personalize, augment, and modify the information given to guests with complete autonomy. To help the facility staff (reception, marketing department or management) to maintain the most suitable communication style and create effective texts and engaging, you can organize training workshops, in which we will explain the basic principles of good communication through Alexa.