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If the facility requiring our technology is medium to large in size or has complex organizational characteristics and a complex offering, we recommend our inspection.
Thanks to our presence, we can get a more concrete account of the offerings aimed at guests, the potential of the structure and of internal management processes for which Alexa Smart Properties could make a difference.

The survey, done with the facility’s management and staff, will help to decide which are the best models of Echo devices to be placed in the rooms, where, and in how many rooms or common areas.



In cooperation with the management, it is also possible to organize moments with the facility staff. In a couple of hours meeting, we will show a demo of the Alexa Smart Properties system and we will gather requests, insights, and useful suggestions to develop a project with all the necessary features at the hotel, resort, or rest home. Alexa, in fact, will be used by guests, but it also enables the facility in which it is embedded to run more efficiently, simplifying the activities of the various staff departments.
In addition, each reality has its own characteristics, provides detailed services, and functions in different ways. Listening to the voice of the staff means having the pulse of the situation and designing a system that really makes a difference. Finally, the workshop is always seen as an important time of sharing and involvement of employees in the initiatives undertaken by ownership.

In a facility such as a nursing home, it is also possible to organize workshops with timing, modalities and content, which are suitable for engaging the residents of the home. Again, where residents’ cognitive faculties allow, people are involved from the outset who can then use Alexa in their daily lives, gathering ideas and suggestions of new features to be created. Here are some examples of features dedicated to senior or nursing homes that can be used with Alexa Smart Properties for Senior Living.

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